journalist, writer, digital storyteller, marketing expert, SEO expertJosefine Koehn is an experienced and detail oriented journalist, editor and social media expert with a great passion for engaging and reader related content. From developing concepts and strategies for new content marketing projects to writing in depth feature articles and quirky tweets, Josefine helps you to reach your audience with relevant and authentic ideas and content pieces. She loves telling stories that have an impact on people and communities and takes pride to present them in a clear and understandable fashion whether in print or online.

Josefine currently is the editor in chief for mamaundbaby.de, a new online magazine targeting moms (to be) and young families. She started the site in August 2016 and built it up to become a relevant competitor on the German market. The page currently gets 60.000 Page Impressions per month and doubles its number of users on a monthly basis. Next to a growing community on social media, Josefine also built up a network of experts and freelance authors who now help to create authentic content on a regular basis. The website features multimedia content, including video.

Josefine has worked as an award-winning print and radio journalist, editor, analyst, trend scout and university educator. Her articles have appeared in major German publications, such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Die Zeit, Rolling Stone and Vogue. She also has published several US city guides and a few short stories. Josefine has master degrees in communications, politics and media law. As a dual citizen of the U.S. and Germany, she is fluent in English and German.

Right now, she lives in Berlin with her three daughters, who love to share good stories with her, which happens more and more often via Snapchat (sigh). When she is not working, you can find her out and about exploring everything Berlin has to offer, or on her yoga mat.

Please find Josefine’s Resume here

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